Rudraksh Group Guides To Get Canada Work Permit Through 2022 International Mobility Program (IMP)

Settling in Canada is a dream for a whole bunch of people due to various factors that the country offers. Starting from world-class educational institutes, to providing international cultural exposure, and imparting great standards of living, Canada is a popular destination for immigrants to visit, work and settle.

Rudraksh Immigration Group in Mohali has seen a surge in the number of people opting to travel to Canada over the last few years. The 2022 International Mobility Program (IMP) offers migrants to get a work permit easily without needing LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) certificate.

The employer needs proof of confirmation that the position that he/she is hiring for, qualifies for the LMIA-exemption. Once that is established, the employer will need to pay $230 CAD as the compliance fee to process the application. This is the first step toward getting enrolled in the IMP.

The employer then needs to post the job requirement through IMP’s employer portal which must incorporate all the details about the nature of the job, qualifications needed for the vacancy, perks associated with the job, clear description of the responsibilities, and experience needed to fill the vacancy and details of the wages and benefits offered for the job. Every single detail related to the job must be mentioned here in a lucid fashion.

As far as the eligibility for the application process goes, the following people are allowed to apply for the IM.

  1. Those entering Canada as part of trade treaties, such as;
  2. The Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement (CUSMA), or;
  3. The Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement (CETA);
  4. Those entering Canada on an open work permit;
  5. Those entering Canada as intra-company transferees.

The entire process takes around 2 weeks because the process is supervised and the decision is taken by the Federal Government. This ensures rapid processing times and quick action. Thereafter, one is eligible to apply for a work permit. Once approved, the employee gets a letter of introduction that he/she must exchange at the port of entry for a work permit provided all the requirements are still met.

If you are already working in Canada, a new work permit will be allotted to you in accordance with the regulations of the IMP. Once you have the work permit, you could apply for the PR (Permanent Residency) after just 1 year of working. Hence, this is an express option to secure a PR within a short span of time.

Rudraksh Group has been working in this field for over 28 years now. The professional staff at Rudraksh Group keeps itself updated with the latest changes in the foreign policies of various countries which are popular destinations for Indians to migrate to.

Being in touch with the latest rules and well-versed with the entire migration process makes Rudraksh Overseas Consultants a great institute for you to hire in order to travel, study, work or settle abroad. If you would like to discuss the details of your case, make sure to head to the office of Rudraksh Group in Mohali. You will be able to get answers specific to your queries, desires and situations.

Rudraksh Group Guides To Get Canada Work Permit Through 2022 International Mobility Program (IMP) Rudraksh Group Guides To Get Canada Work Permit Through 2022 International Mobility Program (IMP) Reviewed by Newzpot on June 16, 2022 Rating: 5
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