Incredibly Artistic, Innovatively Educating, and Scientifically Informative Board Game – Shastranga – Untold Secrets

Jodhpur, Rajasthan: The credit behind developing the brilliantly articulated Board game, Shastranga – Untold Secrets, goes to Mr. Triveen Nair.

Shastranga is his second project in the line of success. His first project was historical fiction and a thriller genre book called “Land and Seekers”. The book talks about a least mentioned but the most significant year in Indian history-death of three Indian kings under mysterious circumstances following events that took place in 1766. Not only that, the fiction takes you from the Thar Desert and Calcutta to Oman, Venice, and Zanzibar.

However, continuing his legacy of successful projects, the Shastranga board game is getting officially launched in September 2022 on Vishwakarma Jayanti. The richest of India are waiting for this board game to include among their valuable possessions. This limited-edition game has just 400 Playing Boards available worldwide with 4 copyrighted design alterations. The game will be accessible only on an invitation basis.

A fantastic treasure of knowledge and fun has a new name, the Shastranga, a tabletop board game. This modern-age game has blown many minds and grabbed attention all around the world. The presence of stars, planets, and the sky is found in both astrology and astronomy. These distinctive sciences are present in ancient Indian traditions. Shastranga brings you an unimaginable journey of stars by beautifully blending both these genres together.

Shastranga is a masterpiece in a true sense, as it is not just limited to combining astrology and astronomy, but it adds an essence of art and design to it. It is a creative as well as an original piece of art. Shastranga has an aesthetic look when it comes to its appearance. It is a one-of-a-kind tabletop board game that will appeal to all age groups. Unlike a typical board game that is made up of either cardboard and plastic or both, Shastranga is crafted out of hand-carved wood and leather.

Imagining the earth moving on its path is easier now, thanks to Shastranga. It makes one visualize 7500 years of Vedic sky sequence as it is suggestive of bringing the night sky into your own house. And yes, the greatest part about this game is that you do not need to be an expert in either astrology or astronomy while playing this game. The game itself unfolds many untold secrets and teaches you lessons that cannot be forgotten!

The Unique Features of Shastranga

Shastranga has emerged as the first modern-world Indian game with its origins in Indian traditions. Get ready for a few amazing concepts that can just amaze you while you unbox this game.

An astrological sky of 360 degrees branches out into 13.33 degrees of 27 Nakshatras as per Vedic Astrology.

The 12 Solar/Lunar signs as per Babylonian/Greek, bring a lot of excitement to this game.

There is an open area in the center. The boundaries of the playing area are made up of several layers showing Tropical, Sideral, and International Astronomical Unit Boundaries (IAU).

The 360-degree circle is placed on a square playing surface. The 360-degree circle aligns the opposites of 90 & 270 degrees and 180 & 0 degrees.

The 12 zodiac months during the year are taken as a base to view the sequential arrangement of the planetary sky along with the star constellation.

The additional boxes in the square board interthread the cardinal points of the East-West and North-South Axis.

The Strategy to play Shastranga

The game can be played by two or more players, including children and adults.

Each player has to choose a star sign as per their preference.

Each player takes turns rolling the twin dice while moving around different star houses. The players identify the color of their star within the 12 moon mansions and plan on acquiring it. There are 27-star houses split up into nine ruling planets.

The game progresses by traveling through the star constellation of a calendar month in a pattern that our ancients followed.

The aim of the game is to capture the zone belonging to your opponents and not allow them the chance of owning their own star signs.

Shastranga is undoubtedly going to set a record in the coming days with its exquisite identity in the world of modern board games. It is definitely going to make Indian traditions proud due to its novel design and extraordinary framework.

People are already getting curious as to what it feels like playing this game! You can pre-book one for yourself and feel the pleasure of this exclusive game as the launch date is near.

Incredibly Artistic, Innovatively Educating, and Scientifically Informative Board Game – Shastranga – Untold Secrets Incredibly Artistic, Innovatively Educating, and Scientifically Informative Board Game – Shastranga – Untold Secrets Reviewed by Newzpot on September 19, 2022 Rating: 5
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