How Tech Innovations Are Revolutionizing Baseball?

The sport of baseball has been in existence for more than a century now. It has found audience in almost all homes are updates related to the sport are part of everyday conversations. Another thing worth mentioning about baseball is that it has undergone several changes over the years. There are more teams in MLB, more games to be played, new rules and the sport itself has gained popularity outside the United States. Tech innovations have also impacted the game in a positive manner and they continue to benefit the entire ecosystem. For better clarity, here's a look at how tech is revolutionizing baseball.

Swing tracker - In earlier times, batters had to spend several hours practicing each day to perfect their swing. Even then, there was no certainty if the swing was being practiced in the right manner. Perfecting the swing has become a lot easier and reliable with sensors that can accurately track the angle and motion of the swing. Data is then fed through desktop or smartphones apps, which tell batters how they are performing and where exactly improvements need to be made. This allows batters to perfect their swing in the fastest possible time.

Pitch trackers - Just like swing tracker, there are specialized tech platforms that can track data such as spin, velocity and movement of pitched baseballs. These are currently installed at all MLB stadiums. The data is useful for players and coaching staff, allowing them to gain a better understanding of what works and what doesn't. The data can be especially useful to understand the abilities of a particular team or player.

Motion and skills capture - There are specialized systems that can track biomechanics data from real baseball games. A comprehensive range of in-game data, player movements and other skills can be captured and analyzed. Detailed reports can be generated, allowing players and coaching staff to better understand game dynamics and identify areas of improvement.

Health tracking - Overall health is a key determinant of how a player performs in the field. To understand in detail the various aspects related to on-field performance and training and fitness regimes, baseball players nowadays use health tracking wristbands. These track all the vital signs and health indicators, which can later be used for finding ways to achieve peak performance.

Virtual reality - Tech has also helped fans to experience the sport in a more lively, realistic manner. While watching baseball games on the TV screen can be fun, virtual reality is making things a lot better and exciting. Fans can watch their favorite players up close in 3D format, something that's impossible to achieve on the television screen.

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