Multiple Pregnancies Can Lead to Complications in Pregnant Women

 Multiple pregnancies can lead to various health issues in pregnant women. The higher the number of foetuses in the pregnancy, the higher chances for complications. It is the need of the hour to stay in touch with the expert and follow the advice given by him/her.

Multiple pregnancy is defined as a condition when a woman is pregnant with more than 1 baby. Twin pregnancy is seen often in women undergoing fertility treatment and IVF. Other factors contributing include having twins in the family or being a twin herself.

Mrs Asha Mehta(name changed), aged 26 years ,had a spontaneous triplet pregnancy ,which was successfully managed till 34 weeks of pregnancy after which she had a premature rupture of membranes leaking and was delivered by Caesarean section in Motherhood Hospital, Kharadi. All 3 babies were discharged home after an initial NICU stay. Though a triplet is a rare occurrence, twin pregnancy is quite commonplace and therefore obstetricians are geared for management, careful monitoring and decision making, for optimum outcomes to both mother and babies.

Dr Sushruta Mokadam, consultant obstetrician at Motherhood Hospital, Kharadi, Pune, said “Multiple births can be a risky experience for a pregnant woman throughout the three trimesters of pregnancy. Early pregnancy loss is a feature of the first trimester followed by premature birth in the second and third trimesters. There may be preterm premature rupture of membranes or PPROM. The full term pregnancy lasts 37-40 weeks. The earlier the birth, the more the risk of severe complications to the babies. The lungs of preterm babies less than 37 weeks may not have developed fully and may require assisted ventilatory support and NICU care. Preterm babies can suffer from hypothermia, hypoglycemia, low birth weight, and asphyxia and have prolonged stay in the NICU. Women with multiple births are also at risk for anaemia, pre-eclampsia or pregnancy-induced high blood pressure and gestational diabetes mellitus. Carrying such a pregnancy to maturity can pose a challenge. After delivery, the large placental area and over-distended uterus can raise the woman’s chances of suffering postpartum hemorrhage or excessive bleeding after delivery. A Caesarean section is a commoner and safer form of delivery of multiple babies due to increased chances of abnormal lie and presentations and risk of asphyxia to second or subsequent baby."

“To successfully manage multiple pregnancies, pregnant women need to - Undertake prenatal check-ups and investigations at regular intervals as suggested by the gynaecologist. Also adhere to advice given regarding prevention of preterm delivery in the form of extra medication and/ or cervical encirclage were deemed necessary.”

-Eat a well-balanced diet inclusive of all fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Avoid junk, spicy, oily, and canned food.

-Sleep well, stay stress-free, do light exercise, stay hydrated and take medication on time.

- Consult the doctor before starting any fitness routine and avoid travel or stressful activity without medical advice.

- Preferably delivered in an institute with a well-equipped obstetric and NICU facility ” added Dr Sushruta Mokadam.

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