Why Making Money Is So Difficult?

One of the greatest challenges of being an adult is to make enough money to support yourself and your family. You also need funds for buying things you like, for vacations, medical expenses and saving for your retirement. All this adds up to a pretty large amount, which creates a huge mental burden. For most people, making money is a big challenge. It explains why we see people all around us toiling hard every day to make money. Hardly anyone has the opportunity to take things easy in terms of making money.

As compared to making money, most other things in life are relatively easier. It makes us wonder why things are like this on the planet. To understand that, here is a look at why making money is so difficult.

Your earning is someone else's expense - Irrespective of whether you work for a company or have your own business, whatever you earn will be an expense to someone. And when it comes to approving an expense, most people look for the best value. Your ability to earn and the other entity's willingness to pay work like opposing forces. It is like a constant tug of war. You want more money, but the source is pulling things in the opposite direction. That is why it is so hard to make money.

Competition - Assuming you have a skill, knowledge or talent that no one has, it would become a lot easier to make money. Similarly, if you are operating a monopoly, it will be easier to make money. However, the reality is that both individuals and organizations have to deal with multiple competitors. With multiple entities fighting for the same dollar, it becomes quite tough to make money.

Limited time and physical strength - Human capabilities are limited by available time and physical strength. You may be willing to work additional hours to make more money, but that is likely to take a toll on your health in the long run. So, even if you manage to earn more for some time, it may eventually be lost on other expenses. Making money is even more challenging for folks who may have issues with their health. In comparison, things may be a bit easier in case of healthy people.

Changing job profiles - While earlier people could continue doing the same type of work for decades, things have changed dramatically in modern times. As of now, job roles and responsibilities are constantly changing due to technology. This requires folks to acquire new skills and learn new processes, all of which puts additional pressure. This is another factor that makes it difficult to earn money.

Need for growth - Whether it is a job or business, one is expected to register consistent growth. As an employee, you are likely to be tasked with greater responsibilities as you move up in your career. Similarly, businesses are expected to boost their revenue and profits every year. Growth cannot be avoided, as it is essential for survival. Anyone that does not grow is bound to stagnate and waste away. The need to grow constantly makes it harder to earn money. The more you earn, the more hard work, dedication and commitment you have to put in.

If you are finding it difficult to make money, you need to be aware that you are not alone. Everyone on the planet including animals have to work hard to survive. So, instead of being lazy or thinking about shortcuts, it would be better to start focusing on work. Try to work smartly, innovate and focus on finding new solutions to the usual problems at work. And make sure you keep evolving, to avoid getting into a rut.

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