Understanding Data - Management, Protection, and Security Trends to Design Your 2023 Strategy

Here are some insights we look forward to providing to help companies make plans for their best and much-needed data managementprotection and security strategies based on what trends are to stay for 2023:
Data Management for 2023
One would need data management because it helps migrate workloads and applications across infrastructures - to the cloud or a virtual environment with minimal or no downtime for increased business agility. The end-to-end heterogeneous business continuity & DR solutions help achieve RTO, RPO and retention SLAs' in on-premise, private or hybrid cloud. Business intelligence solutions with best-in-class visual analytics and ease of use capability help customers transform data into actionable insights. Finally, a complete end-to-end enterprise management framework from network to applications to the web and now IoT can be utilized with a single pane of glass for management. For 2023, these will be the trends.
  1. DataOps
  2. 3-2-1 Data Backup Plan
  3. Data Governance
  4. Data Backup & Recovery
  5. Data Exfiltration Prevention
Data Protection for 2023
There are several factors businesses need to consider for their data protection portfolio for 2023. There is a need to modernize data protection infrastructure with cloud or on-premise-based data protection and archiving solutions from Gartner-recognized leaders. Data protection needs to be centrally managed with global availability and seamless consistency to simplify, save and protect the data where ever it might reside on any platform. Comprehensive data management solutions with access to and use of all of the data can be a powerful strategic asset truly being transformative. Endpoint data backup, data center, cloud-based backup and with recovery & governance companies can make the best of organizations growing data. Keeping these in mind, the trends we believe govern the 2023 data protection portfolio are:
  1. Data protection policies
  2. Built-in data protection
  3. Data loss prevention
  4. Data authentication and authorization
  5. Obtain right cybersecurity insurance policy
Data Security for 2023
Today more than ever there is a need for a modernized approach towards data security considering that the threats are increasingly getting sophisticated. Authentication-as-a-Service with built-in SSO capabilities, tightly integrated with Cloud apps will secure online access. Data encryption solutions with comprehensive key management solutions will help customers protect their digital assets whether on-premise or cloud. EDRM solutions with the widest file and app support will aide customers to protect and have control over their data even outside their networks. DLP solutions with integrated user behavior analysis (UBA) modules provide customers leverage their investment in their DLP. Data discovery and classification help organizations get complete visibility into sensitive data with efficient data discovery, classification, and risk analysis across heterogeneous data stores. These are some approaches organizations can benefit from OEMs designing data security solutions and products.
  1. Increase in cybersecurity platform approach as an alternative to product/solution approach
  2. Automated data security solutions
  3. SaaS architecture helps with the data breach
  4. Zero trust architecture
  5. IoT and AI-based security profiles will gain prominence
Newer challenges, risks and decision-making awaits businesses in 2023. By understanding what will be the most trending or hyped technologies, companies can chart their course in navigating FY23 while keeping themselves prepared and protected.

Today’s tools of technology have advanced multi-fold bringing the digital and the 3D world much closer. Data generated by the use of technology has helped in creating newer verticals, opportunities and even technologies faster than before. But with the advance in technology and its dependent verticals, data generation has also increased and this has now led to SMEs/SMBs strategizing their data managementprotection and security needs. Organizations providing these products and solutions need to understand the overwhelming challenges businesses and in turn, businesses need to keep a tab on the


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