5 Short Term Courses That Can Boost A Career In The Media And Arts Industry

 If you are a working professional looking to make a successful career in the Media and Arts industry, you need to constantly upskill yourself to attain a well-paying job.

The current market scenario for jobs is an uncertain one and there’s cut-throat competition for both working employees and people looking for jobs. For you to get an edge over your peers, it is important to stay relevant in the industry, and you can do that by upgrading your skills with numerous short-term courses. The short-term job-oriented courses are designed to equip individuals with skill-based knowledge which is essential to have a successful career in the industry.

Here are 5 Short Term Courses to Boost Your Career in Media and Arts Industry:

1. Certificate Digital Journalism at AAFT Online

This specialized short-term course will provide students with an introduction to digital journalism as well as the skills and hands-on preparation needed for jobs in the industry. At a time when the Internet and social media have transformed the way the world consumes news, this course will provide students with an overview of digital journalism. The course is curated by experts to help students learn to employ the numerous aspects of multimedia. This includes video, audio, text, photographs, graphic, animation, editing skills, and the use of SEO tactics to promote digital material in the field. Not only will this prepare students for entry-level work in digital journalism but it will also cater to the upskilling needs of journalism graduates and seasoned journalists.

2. Diploma in 3D Animation and Visual Effects (VFX) at AAFT Online

The 3D Animation industry has expanded extensively in recent years, with 3D animators now working on animated movies, TV series, and visual effects. The rapidly growing industry has vast work opportunities and excellent salary packages. This is why an individual should do a Diploma in Animation and Visual Effects to learn the principles of animation and visual effects. With the one-year-long course, you can learn the foundations of animation and the advanced mechanics of producing an animated figure and visual effects. It will also make you understand the animation principles and various software techniques needed to start a professional career in the industry. The diploma will teach you the principles of animation, creative visualization and 2D/3D animation, sketching and storyboarding, concepts of graphics and digital Illustration, intricacies of character animation, and the use of staging and composition in order to tell a story.

3. Diploma in Jewellery Design at AAFT Online

This particular diploma is specially designed for creative individuals looking to transform their unique ideas and inspirations into reality. Students with a keen eye for aesthetics and wanting to learn to create high-end jewelry designs, should enroll in this short-term course to excel in the field. Under the course, students can be expected to learn to work with precious metals, diamonds, beads, and gemstones to create wearable art sets. The course will also help you acquire the working knowledge of Jewellery artistry and how you can develop skills to illustrate the shape, form, and texture of metalwork. The short-term diploma will include teachings around basic beading and wiring techniques. You will also be briefed on an introduction to jewelry, its classifications, Technical Drawings and Manufacturing Techniques, Computer Aided Designing, Market Research, and Forecast Analysis, Diamond Grading and Sorting, and Cost Analysis.

4. Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics at AAFT Online

The need for an increased focus on a healthier lifestyle has meant that the nutrition and fitness sector has really boomed in recent times. The short-term Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics is one where students will attain in-depth knowledge of diverse aspects of nutrition and dietetics. This includes nutrition management for weight, methods of cooking, exchange list & menu planning, and food commodities and safety. Students undergoing this course can go on to become a nutritionist and dieticians in Healthcare Industry, Nutrition Industry, Sports Arena, Dietetics Industry Healthcare Industry Health Coaches, and Nutritional therapists. It is considered one of the most rewarding and booming career choices, at the moment.

5. Certificate in Fashion Design at AAFT Online

This short-term course will teach you all one needs to know about fashion marketing, communication, and self-promotion. It will also help you understand and create newer fashion trends and designs, to carve a successful career in the industry. Moreover, it will help students have a contextual, intellectual, and cultural grasp of fashion through principles of illustrations, the design process, professional draping, and pattern making. The course will touch upon important aspects like the Origin and Development of Fashion, Fashion Styles of Legends in the Fashion Industry, Ethics of Fashion Designing, emerging trends, information about fabrics, Designing and Marketing, and Identifying and Targeting Audiences.

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