Wedding Trends to Look Forward to in 2023

 It’s the beginning of a new year, and the beginning of exciting new trends in marriages. While the last two years were quite a roller coaster, couples are making up for it now by making sure their special day has a whole new look and feel. Weddings are expected to be spectacular, with couples eager to celebrate their love after uncertainty and postponements. With the world gradually returning to routine, couples are ready to tie the knot and make up for missed time with their friends and family. As the wedding business develops, so do the trends, and 2023 is no exception. With a new year comes fresh ideas, fashions, and themes that are guaranteed to make weddings even more memorable. Punchy hues, immersive experiences, and larger-than-life experiences – 2023 is all set to bring forth a host of exciting new wedding trends.

From micro weddings to eco-friendly celebrations, 2023 promises to bring a fresh perspective to the traditional wedding. Couples are no longer satisfied with cookie-cutter ceremonies and are instead looking for ways to make their big day truly unique. The trend towards personalized, intimate ceremonies continues to grow, as couples aim to create an experience that reflects their love story and personalities. Whether it's incorporating cultural traditions or offering food and drinks that hold special meaning, 2023 is set to be a year where couples can truly make their wedding day their own. And for those of you planning your wedding this year, here is the lowdown on the hottest wedding trends to help you execute the perfect celebration.

The Big, Fat, Indian Wedding

Post-covid, weddings are getting bigger and fancier. Families are increasingly going for big, fat, Indian weddings with large setups, grand decor, themed events, and plenty of entertainment.

Fusion of Modern and Traditional

While the Big, Fat, Indian Weddings are in, couples don’t want to go completely traditional. They are looking for a mixture of Indian traditions and modern elements to make the wedding more in tune with their sensibilities. This also tends to make the ceremonies easier to execute and more interesting with destination weddings.

Heritage Weddings

The statuesque beauty and grandeur of a bygone era can be very seductive. And Indians living abroad have definitely been seduced by India’s rich heritage. That’s why they are increasingly more interested in heritage properties and the old-fashioned look and feel of hotels that remind people of a time gone by. This also ties in with the concept of a Big, Indian Wedding

Destination Weddings

While not a new concept, destination weddings have picked up in popularity post covid. Couples are looking at new destinations, new experiences and countries that promise a unique experience, the more luxurious the better. A grand tour of Europe, a scenic jaunt through California’s wine country, a spectacular ceremony in the middle of gorgeous Dubai, or an exploration of the Peruvian countryside – destination weddings are perfect for those who love to explore new destinations and want their wedding to be different from the rest.

Statement décor

While not a new concept, destination weddings have picked up in popularity post covid. Couples are looking at new destinations, new experiences and countries that promise a unique experience. As an example, think of a specialty cocktail wall set up, one doesn't just cut out the frustrating rush but also adds to the decor. A place where your guests after taking a selfie can walk away with a drink in hand.

In conclusion, weddings in 2023 will still be a reflection of the couple's personality and preferences. The most crucial thing is for couples to design a day that reflects their own love story and creates memories that will last a lifetime, regardless of whether it is the Big, Fat, Indian wedding, Fusion of Modern and Traditional, Heritage Weddings, Destination Weddings, Statement décor. Whatever the fads, the couple's love and dedication to one another should always be the centre of attention.


(Priti S Sidhwaani, Founder and CEO at DreamzKrraft)

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