5 Robots You'd Love To Bring Home In 2023


Remember droids like R2-D2, C-3PO, BB-8, etc. from Star Wars? With capabilities to do almost every task you throw at them, these droids are on the wish list of many Star Wars fans. Well, there's a long way to go, but at least things are moving in the right direction. With advancements in AI and machine learning, we are witnessing a new generation of home robots. These can perform a wide variety of chores and can be great fun for kids. They can also be used for home surveillance and taking care of the elderly.

While home robots can be a great help and companion, there have been concerns about privacy. But according to home robots post by ExpressVPN, it is clear that home robots are entirely safe. Users just need to take a few basic precautions such as changing the device name and password, keeping the home robot's software updated and using cybersecurity tools for encrypted connection.

If you are thinking about home robots, here are some great options you can consider.

Amazon Astro

Powered by Alexa, Amazon Astro home robot can be used for home monitoring. It uses an advanced navigation system to find its way around the house. It can be used to access calls, messages, reminders, timers, etc. It can also carry various accessories and has a storage bin for transporting stuff. Users can remotely control Amazon Astro to check on specific things, people and rooms. It can issue warnings if there is an unrecognized individual and detect specific sounds such as glass breaking, smoke alarm, etc.


This won't be performing any tasks, but can still be a great asset for folks who are looking for some form of companionship. Lovot can also be great fun for kids. It will respond to your interactions, something that can help you relax and feel better. Lovot will crave for your attention and will appreciate it when you respond. It has the ability to express emotions, something similar that one would expect from pets.

Vector by Anki

This palm-sized home robot is too small to perform any physical tasks. But it can still be useful with its advanced voice assistance features. Similar to Siri or Alexa, Vector can obey voice commands, answer questions and play games. Vector is also great at expressing a wide variety of emotions using its eyes. It will happily greet you and feel delighted when you pat it on its back.


For folks who hate chores, Ugo can be a prized possession. Ugo can perform a wide variety of tasks such as cleaning the toilet, washing clothes, carrying the trash bin, folding clothes, etc. The only limitation is that Ugo is not yet fully automated. For complex tasks, it requires the assistance of a remote operator. Hopefully, things will improve in the future with advancements in artificial intelligence, as predicted in Forbes.

Enabot Ebo Pro

Ebo Pro by Enabot is a great tool for taking care of the elderly and young children. Feedback provided by users reveal that Ebo Pro is also loved by pets. Powered by AI and facial recognition (including recognition of pets), Ebo Pro can freely move around the house. Equipped with brushless motors, the robot operates silently without disturbing anyone. It can automatically record and send video clips and can be controlled remotely. It can engage in seamless communications with your family members and pets.

Depending on your needs, you can choose any of these wonderful home robots. Make sure you keep your home robot’s software updated at all times. Doing so will allow you to access new features and secure your privacy.


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