Here are five reasons why Elena and Lila from Colors Infinity’s new show, My Brilliant Friend are friendship goals!


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24th March 2023: Based on a series of novels by Elena Ferrante, My Brilliant Friend is a show that explores the complexities of female friendship through the lives of two young and strong women. Elena Greco and Lila Cerullo’s friendship is complicated, full of twists and turns, and beautifully drawn in the setting of yesteryear Italy. This series is set in the early 70s and revolves around a tragedy between the two friends that takes the viewers on their life's journey.

Lila goes missing without any clue, and while attempting to find where she is, Elena reflects on the early days of their friendship, when they were two very different girls. As school children, both Elena and Lila were toppers in their class, and while they belong to very different backgrounds, they share a lot in common and become great friends. As Elena tries to solve the mystery of her missing friend, the show goes on to cover more than 60 years of their lives, spanning from their time in school to the different milestones they cross as they grow up. My Brilliant Friend is whisked with captivating emotions and drama for the viewers, exclusively on Colors Infinity, Monday to Friday at 9 pm.

Let us look at how Lila and Elena of My Brilliant Friend are ideal best friends!

The Perfect Blend Of Intelligence And Hard Work

Elena and Lila are indeed ideal best friends. They grew up together in the city of Naples at a time when women had to face a lot of oppression and adversities. As the show takes the viewers through Elena and Lila’s lives, it touches on subjects like patriarchy, motherhood, and abandonment. This atmosphere also became one of the reasons for their friendship to grow stronger. Lila is a quick learner and Elena is a hard worker, and these qualities are one of the biggest reasons for a friendship as strong as theirs to be born.

Success Beyond Struggle

Despite having different issues in the family, Elena and Lila managed to complete their basic education. Soon, Lila was completely banned from going to school for her studies, whereas Elena was allowed on certain terms and conditions. It is Elena who stood up for her best friend and convinced Lila’s father to let her pursue her studies, ensuring that her best friend has the ability to stand on her own two feet.

Lila Overshadows Elena

My Brilliant Friend revolves around two friends who have been close to each other for as long as anyone can remember. However, that is not how their story starts. As a young schoolgirl, Elena used to be envious of Lila as she led a life of popularity, comfort, and extraordinary intelligence. It is later revealed that Lila’s life also came with a few negative aspects and she wanted to get away from it all. All of this turns into a twisted form of reality when Lila actually disappears one day. Her disappearance pushes Elena to look for her and think of all the time they had spent together taking the viewers down the memory lane of a friendship forged in adversities.

Unwise Decisions!

Despite her brilliant intellect, Lila always ended up making wrong decisions. More often than not, it was Elena who came to rescue her. This difference in their personalities is what brings them together as friends. Lila’s decision to marry Stefano turns out to be a huge mistake, and she faces violence in her marriage life. It is Elena who helps her to overcome the struggles and abuses in her relationship.

Through Happiness And Adversity

During their early childhood days, Elena was extremely jealous of Lila, and they didn't get along well at all.. Elena could not understand Lila's struggle and the cost behind the lavish and extraordinary life she had. But despite knowing Elena's dislike towards her, Lila, like a boss lady, never left her best friend in the midst of trouble and was always there to support her and stand by her.

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Here are five reasons why Elena and Lila from Colors Infinity’s new show, My Brilliant Friend are friendship goals! Here are five reasons why Elena and Lila from Colors Infinity’s new show, My Brilliant Friend are friendship goals! Reviewed by admin on March 27, 2023 Rating: 5
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