What Comes After The Internet?

Surely internet has become an intrinsic part of our lives and it is almost impossible to imagine living without internet. Be it education, learning, job, business or leisure, we have become heavily dependent on the internet. However, as tech evolution is a continuous process, it makes us wonder what could possibly be the next big thing after internet.

Or is internet one of those things that never change? As a tech platform, internet is quite young. However, that has not stopped experts from dreaming about the future. To better understand the topic, here's a look at some possibilities that can work as the successor to the internet.


We are already hearing this term quite often. Metaverse is essentially a convergence point for various sub-systems such as computing, communication systems, high-speed networks, advanced hardware, virtual and augmented reality, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

In the early stages of metaverse, organizations have already started to organize a wide variety of virtual events. Of course, it doesn't feel real at this point of time. However, it is expected that with advancements in technology, the experience in a metaverse can become just as good as the real world.

Brain-embedded microchips

This technology is currently being tested, most notably by one of Elon Musk's startups named Neuralink. One of the key objectives is to achieve a direct connect between AI and machines and the human brain. We have already seen this tech in various movies, but it has potential to become a reality in the future. Initial focus could be on treating neurological disorders, although the technology can be later put to use for various purposes such as security, accessing information, communications, etc.


Short for Internet of Things, IoT will be the next big thing after internet. As all devices and systems will be connected to each other, everything will get done automatically. For example, your refrigerator will be able to conduct an automatic inventory check and order items that are running out. The same approach can be applied to shops, offices, warehouses, supply chain and logistics, manufacturing, etc.

Internet censorship

While its benefits outweigh its negative fallouts, it is true that internet is being widely used to spread fake news, cheat people, create rumors and riots and even influence the outcome of elections. Already, several states have started banning internet temporarily when there is a law-and-order situation.

Humanity is witnessing some major challenges such as conflicts and wars, water shortages and climate change. It is quite scary to think how the world will look like in an uncertain geo-political system. It is possible that certain states may decide to ban internet or censor it to curtail the free flow of information. For example, countries like North Korea have already banned global internet.

As is evident from above points, internet may become part of something greater in future. It may not cease to exist entirely. Rather, it may change in form, i.e., the way in which information is shared between two or more entities. 

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