What Will Happen If There Are No Festivals?

Festivals are among the common things every country and every community has, even though the type and form of celebrations may vary. Festivals become ingrained in us, as we start participating in them from childhood days. Festivals are so much a part of our lives that it is impossible to imagine life without festivals.

So, what happens if there are no festivals? How will it impact our lives? How deep will the impact be if there are no festivals? To answer such questions, let's take a look at some possibilities that are likely to occur when there are no festivals anywhere in the world.

Reduced social interactions

Festivals are a great way to connect with friends and family. Festivals provide the perfect platform for people to come together to enjoy the celebrations. Festivals are also a great way to connect and share with your neighbors. If there are no festivals, such social interactions will diminish. People may still interact with each other, but the positive mood and fervor naturally created during festivals will be missing.

No holidays

For many, festivals are a great time to pack their bags and explore the world. If there are no festivals, festive holidays will no longer be available. People may still go on vacations, but it will not have the same excitement as festive season explorations.

Unemployment / business loss

There are quite a few small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that have significant dependence on festivals. During popular festivals, sales are at an all-time high, especially for gadgets, gift items, lighting, decorations and other supplies. If there are no festivals, such businesses and the people they employ will be impacted. The effects will also be felt across the travel and tourism industry.

Dull and boring existence

Festivals are one of the fruits of human labor. They give a sense of meaning to the hard work that we do all throughout the year. Of course, people can engage in various other leisure activities. But festivals are like the icing on the cake or the toppings on a pizza. If there are no festivals, life will tend to become dull and boring. People may still find reasons and ways to celebrate at an individual level. But it can never match the mass scale enthusiasm seen during festivals.

Moral, cultural challenges

Most festivals are linked to stories and these stories are related to our cultural and traditional beliefs. These stories also have moral values that we start learning from an early age. If there are no festivals, we will start losing the connection with moral values and with our cultural leanings. Such developments can have adverse consequences for society.

It is apparent that festivals have a significant impact on how we live and enjoy our lives. Festivals are also the glue that binds communities and nations. And how can we forget children, who probably have the most fun during festivals. So, until an alien species takes over earth and cancels all our fun activities, it is unlikely that humanity will stop celebrating its festivals.

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