5 Facts About Siamese Cats - A Complete Guide in 2023


About the majority of the world’s total population is a cat lover. Our little furry friend adds much to our therapy in a world full of distress. Today, we will talk about a very popular breed of cat- the mix siamese cat. 

Siamese categories of cats are commonly found in Thailand and have remained the most talked-about cat community since the 19th century. Apart from their silky furs, they have distinctively unique appearances and beautiful eyes.

The placement of gigantic ears complements their triangular face and muscular body. However, we assume that there are certain facts about the Siamese cat that every cat lover should know. Who knows the next time you will want to adopt them?

5 Facts About Siamese Cats We Bet You Didn’t Know

1.    They have a unique personalities.

Cats are known for their mean nature. But that’s not the case with the mix siamese cat. This breed has a playful attribute and loves to socialize. Their nature is quite affectionate to those they find comfortable. Being excessively vocal, they love to make noises such as that of a crying human baby. This feature provides them another name called “meezer.” In most homes across the globe, you will find this jolly cat breed as a pet.

2.    You might find it difficult to train them.

No matter how playful they are, it is always daunting to train the Siamese cats. They have a stubborn nature which often makes them vulnerable to unacceptable cat behaviors. You might need a professional trainer in order to fulfill this purpose. Experts recommend the prevention of the Siamese breed in households where people are scared of and allergic to dogs and/or cats.

3.    Oldest categories of cats.

Did you know that the Siamese cats belong to the 16th century? This makes them one of the most primitive breeds alive on Earth. The term “Siamese” is a derivation from “siam,” which is another word for indulgence in the Thai language. Between 1351 to 1767 AD, the ultimate depiction of these cats was found in primitive manuscripts. Along with being the oldest cats, they are also the best discerning cat breeds.

4.    Sensitive to mental health.

Usually, cats are habituated to living in the wild and on their own. But there is something that differentiates the Siamese breed from the rest of the kitty community. On leaving them alone for a prolonged period of time, Siamese cats might become prone to anxiety and depression. This is one of the reasons why cat owners opt for adopting two of the same species. They have sensitive mental health, and one has to be extremely careful about it if adopting.

5.    Their body color differs due to albinism.

One of the unique attributes of this breed is that they have a unique body color, and it is due to the mutation of albino genes. If exposed to low temperatures for a long time, their coloring might develop, usually becoming darkest. However, the modern mix siamese cat are not true albinos because they have a recessive mutation within their breed. A common Siamese kitty will have all-white fur accompanied by blue eyes.

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Can I Train My Siamese Cat? If Yes, How?

Training a mix Siamese cat is difficult, but certainly not impossible. Here are some ways to train this obstinate kitty breed.

      Play with them.

The key to winning your pet’s favor is by playing with them regularly. Accurate movements will help your Siamese kitty discover its hunting instinct. Each day, try to arrange three play sessions lasting for 5 minutes. After this, treat it with a balanced diet with equal quantities of meat and other ingredients.

      Observe their body language.

Exactly like other felines, Siamese cats tell you a lot through their body postures. Make sure you understand what they are trying to communicate through their tail, eyes, and movements. Learning how your cat behaves in certain situations can eventually help you in the long run.

      Induce stimulating surroundings for them.

It is wrong to let your tiny kitty sleep all day. Allow them to hunt, run and play all around the house. You can take this to another level by inducing a stimulating environment. Throw in some scratch posts, wanding toys, and cat trees at different places. Further, show this to your Siamese car and train it to use them in distinctive situations.

      Teach them to tackle depression and anxiety.

As said above, Siamese kitties are prone to getting anxious and depressed easily. At times, teach them to be alone by leaving the house for a very short period of time. If they are slowly learning to cope with loneliness, they might be able to handle it for a prolonged period of time as well.

      Offer rewards and treats whenever required.

Being a cat parent, you know when your cat is making progress. Since they are intelligent, you can teach them a plethora of manners. Notice whether they are following your instructions and treat them if they do so. Training sessions should be short and full of fun activities. This will surely help your Siamese cat to behave the way you want.

Key Takeaways


So, this was all about the mix siamese cat! This article walks you through some essential facts about them and how to train them. We hope you read it till the end and got the desired answers for your queries.


Save it for later, and let us know in the comment section what do you do to train your pet kitty.


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