How to Survive A Wildfire?

With global warming, wildfire incidents are on the rise in most parts of the world. Whether you live in a forested area or traveling through one, wildfires can catch you unawares. If you are surrounded by miles and miles of forests, escaping a wildfire can be pretty tough. However, it is necessary that you do your best in such situations. Let us take a look at some tips and suggestions in terms of how to survive a wildfire.

Check weather, wind, rain deficiency, etc. - Before you travel, it would be better to get a bird's eye view of conditions in the area. This becomes especially necessary during summer months. Check weather reports to identify hot spots, rainfall deficiency, wind patterns, etc. 

If you notice any red flags, you can postpone or change the route you are taking. Always keep track of local news bulletins to get advanced warning about wildfires. Make sure you are carrying maps of the area, which can help you find a suitable safe spot.

Fire spreads faster through elevated areas - If you are on a hill, the low-lying area will be safer in comparison to climbing the hill. That is because wildfires will spread faster towards elevated areas. If low lying areas are still intact, you can consider reaching those safe spots.

Look for valleys, rivers, water bodies - You will find these in low-lying areas near hills and mountains. Rivers and water bodies usually have a wide area where vegetation does not grow. You will be safe even if the river is dry.

Smoke, carbon monoxide, other gases can be lethal - In case you are enveloped by wildfire all around, you will need to protect your airways. The fire may not reach you, but the smoke with its various toxic gases can be more dangerous. You need to stay low to the ground, where oxygen may be more readily available. You also need to cover your nose and mouth with a wet cloth.

Stay in a vehicle or walk outside? - If you are completely surrounded by wildfire on a road, it will be better to stay inside the vehicle. People usually worry about the fuel tank exploding. However, that is unlikely to happen. On a road, the fire is unlikely to directly reach the vehicle. 

You need to keep driving at a slow speed if you can see the road ahead. If not, just stay inside the car with the windows rolled up. Make sure to close the air vents so that smoke and toxic gases cannot enter the car. Lying on the floor of the vehicle will keep you safe for longer.

When unexpected things like wildfire happen, it is normal for people to get panicky. However, doing so will only increase the risk. Remember that oxygen is in very short supply when you are surrounded by a wildfire. You need to keep calm and assess the situation. Keep the above factors in mind and look for an escape route. Every situation will be different. So, make your moves accordingly to survive a wildfire.

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