What To Do If You Get A Call From A Private Number?

Spam calls can be a big nuisance. Especially when you are busy at work or doing something else. There is also the threat of getting scammed. Things become even more frustrating when the caller's number does not show up. You are confused as to whether to take the call or just let it ring. To understand what to do if you get a call from a private / unknown number, here are some important things to consider.

You can call back the private number - In the USA and several other countries, it is possible to call back the private number. In the USA, users can dial *69 to call back the private or unknown numbers. There are apps as well that can detect a private or unknown number. For example, TrapCall can be installed to identify private and unknown callers. Once you know the number, you can look it up on the Reverse Number Lookup.

Just take the call, but do not entertain any requests - An easy way to tackle a private or unknown caller is to pick up the call. You will know who is calling or what their intentions are. Sometimes, you may also get an automated call asking you to do something. Any such requests should not be entertained. If you suspect something fishy, you should immediately disconnect the call. Later, you can find the number using the method described above.

Check phone service provider call logs - The caller's number will show up as private or unknown. However, it is possible that your phone service provider has information about the private number. You just need to log in to your phone service provider website and check the call record history. Depending on the phone service provider, the private number may be displayed in full.

Dial *57 - If you have been receiving threatening or harassing phone calls from a private or unknown number, you can dial *57 from your phone. This facility is available with most phone companies. It allows you to find the number who is calling you. With *57, a complaint can also be launched with law enforcement agencies. You should dial *57 soon after hanging up the private number call. You will be transferred to an automated call service. You just need to follow the directions provided on the phone.

Report the issue to FCC - Apart from contacting the police department, you can also file a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). You can do it online by visiting the FCC website. The FCC operates a special program to control spam and threatening phone calls. It is being done with the goal to reduce cases of harassment and scams via phone calls.

As evident from above, there are various ways to deal with a private or unknown caller. You can simply choose to ignore such calls. In case the caller continues to make calls for several days, you can take other steps as described above.

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