Rashtriya Achiever Award 2024 – Honoring And Celebrating The True Heroes Of Our Society

                                 ( An Initiative of Showtheeme Production ) 


Mumbai, India - November 27, 2023 - Aiming to give social recognition to the best of the best in our society and to lay the framework for building a strong community, the Rashtriya Achiever Award will be held on January 24th, 2024 in Mumbai. Nominations are currently open, which can be submitted on the official email ID.

Rashtriya Achiever Award is a brain child of Mr Sanjeev under the flagship of Showtheeme production. Sanjeev came up with the idea for Rashtriya Achiever Award when he noticed that there are many people who go the extra mile in their respective field or profession. These are highly motivated people, driven by a strong sense of responsibility. One may not see them sharing the limelight often, but their contributions to society are invaluable. These individuals are essentially the pillars of the society and vital for a nation's progress.

Rashtriya Achiever Award aims to make a difference by giving due social recognition to individuals who have made extraordinary contributions in their respective field or profession. It will allow us to discover and honor the real-life heroes of the society. The community will also benefit, as the awards will help spread awareness and motivate everyone to do their best. While an individual’s rights are important, such initiatives will inspire people to live a life driven by a strong sense of responsibility. It will eventually benefit the nation and the entire humanity as a whole.

To ensure social recognition for every deserving candidate, the Rashtriya Achiever Award event will be held across a diverse range of categories. It includes Politics, Social Work, Entrepreneur, Influencers, Media, Real Estate, Artists, Lifestyle, Film Makers, Music Directors, Doctors, Hospitality Business, Entertainment Business, Designers, Bloggers, Actors, Hoteliers, Startups, Brands, Makeup Artist and many more.

Supporting partner of the Events are Hotel Oyster Suite  and Mallone Fashion world. Whereas event official Outdoor exclusive partner is Bright Outdoor Media Ltd and in Radio – 92.7 BIG FM. In Electronic media & digital media Swadesh News, TV 27 News along with upcoming TV channel Bharat Update is proposed to give exclusive coverage of the event.

The Award show is going to be host by Simran Ahuja renowned anchor, Celebrity & Model and show is also  attended by high dignitaries, celebrities, businessman, political leaders, artists and many more as stated by Mrs  Siya  director of Showtheeme Production.

For detailed information about Rashtriya Achiever Award and to file nominations, one can contact at

  • rashtriyaachieveraward.com
  • Email - rashtriyaachieveraward@gmail.com

Eventually, curator of the award show has designed a very good platform to give recognition to the people who have done or given outstanding contribution in their respective fields.

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