The Future of Casino Gaming

We’ve already come a long way since the first casino opened its doors in 1638 in Venice, Italy. Over time, the concept spread through Europe and the rest of the world caught up a couple of decades ago.

But casino gaming was just getting its boots on. In 1994 the first online casino opened its doors and, gradually, governments issued licenses to allow the business to proliferate.

These days, online casinos are a multi-billion-dollar affair, and growing year in, year out. This rise in the industry has been driven by technology and one of the biggest catalysts has been the not-so-humble smartphone.

These days, we can play our games anywhere want, so long as we have a Wi-Fi connection and/or 3G or more. But what does the future hold for mobile slot gaming, and what can we expect to see?

Let’s start with your mobile device.

Longer Lasting Batteries

There’s little point in having all this wonderful technology and amazing games if your phone is dead. Many of us take for granted having to preserve battery life or carrying around bulky mobile chargers, well, soon that’ll be less of an issue.

Wireless Charging

Speaking of batteries, the Qi wireless charger has been around for over thirteen years but it’s only become a given in recent years. A proliferation of charging hubs in public places will reduce the possibility of us being left with a dead battery, so maybe that's next.

Hologram Graphic

This is, in essence, a form of 3D imagery -imagine interreacting with three-dimensional images when you’re playing slots! Not to mention the advancement of 3D graphics for Augmented or Virtual Reality, and this could be with us within a few years…

5G etc.

The Fifth Generation of mobile connectivity has been with us since 2021. And if we’re honest, it’s been a bit of a disappointment.

Arguably one of the issues has seen the physical infrastructure of 5G (i.e., upgrading/building towers capable of sustaining the technology) playing catch-up with your device. The good news is that is improving on a daily basis.

AI and ML

‘Artificial Intelligence’ and ‘Machine Learning’, in case that makes no sense…

We’re only at the dawn of both the former and the latter. Yet it’s also quietly changing the way we interact with our devices -think ‘siri’ or ‘alexa’ and think on...

As both technologies develop, our mobile devices could be ahead of the game when it comes to casino games. Soon, you’ll have games tailor-made to your exacting requirements, though, in reality, it’s already begun: AI is already being used to offer you free spins or bonuses to help you keep you engaged with game-play, and machine learning means it’s getting better at it.

And while AI isn’t about to start changing the fundamental nature of a game -poker is poker- AI is now a crucial part of game development. It doesn’t just help software engineers maximise the game-playing experience, it can take the concept of a game to new levels.

But AI is just one of several technologies that will ensure that the future of online gaming remains bright. And one of the most crucial areas isn’t so much about the quality of the games, it’s about how we pay for them.

Digital and Crypto Wallets

Bank transfers have become safer over the years, but there is a fundamental difference between paying money to a friend or relative and buying an online slot game.

The rise of digital wallets, such as PayPal, has been crucial in protecting both the business and consumers from fraud. Digital wallets hide the payee's bank details from the business, reducing the risk of fraud and increasing the desire to engage in what might have been a risky acquisition.

The next level is the crypto wallet which uses blockchain technology ensuring that a transaction is made in complete anonymity. It’s also instantaneous -there is no lag at all so the second you agree to pay, the transaction is complete.


Obviously, the former requires crypto. And as the world gets more used to paying with cyber currencies, it becomes easier to convert Euros and Dollars into Bitcoin and Litecoin.

Arguably, the future of casino gaming lies almost exclusively in crypto, simply because it's safer.

Virtual Reality

The technology exists already but, to date, no one has quite managed to convert VR into a day-to-day gaming concern. This may lie in the simple fact that bulky headsets compromise the mobility of a game, but that’s almost definitely going to change as headsets become spectacles etc.,

Live Dealer Games

Real-life interactions between the player and the casino are also a reality. But this will improve exponentially as a market opens for celebrities and influencers to professionalise the live entertainment side of the industry.

So, in many respects, the future of casino gaming is already here, yet we're only just beginning to realise its full potential.


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