Agri to Food tech: Industries set to ride on innovative technologies in 2024

 In 2023, artificial intelligence began to permeate human lives in previously unheard-of ways. Agribusiness, healthcare, food, and video analytics were a few of the sectors that transformed backend operations and had a direct effect on customers. Farmers may now readily access a variety of services, even though it made it simpler for customers to purchase meals through aggregators and delivery partners. Even as AI automates activities, a number of businesses employ technology to accomplish larger objectives and, in the end, reach a wider audience while saving money and time. The following sectors are anticipated to experience further technological innovation and effect.

In India, an agrarian nation, technology is a vital component of the agricultural ecosystem as a whole. A major force behind this industry shift is SohanLal Commodities Management (SLCM), which specialises in post-harvest logistics. With a patent from the Indian government, Agri Reach is a proprietary algorithm-driven engine that empowers the farmer community by reducing food grain losses from 10% to 0.5%, potentially saving the industry up to Rs 87,000 crore annually. Furthermore, it enables farmers to obtain a thorough kind and quality report that is approved by NABL by just clicking and sharing a picture of their grain harvests. Another innovation that makes it possible for a solar-powered CCTV network to protect warehouses while adhering to standards like not using electricity is called Agri Suraksha. Apart from technology, the company also provides financial support through a special NBFC branch to empower the Indian agro community known as Kissandhan, and a pan-Indian warehouse network.

Health Tech:
The healthcare business is overworked since everyone will eventually need to see a doctor, and hospitals are overworked and under pressure due to the amount of paperwork that must be completed in order to maintain everything in order. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to automate the appointment system, providing patients with real-time updates on their scheduled visits and appointment times. Cloud computing allows doctors to store patient data centrally and access it from different departments and even different hospitals. The AI made possible The number of video consultations increased since they allowed patients to see doctors at their convenience and chosen time. This trend is expected to continue as more people choose to use video consultations. Such technological advancements in the healthcare sector have been largely supported by Payoda Technologies.

While a lot of food aggregators and delivery applications have made it easier for customers to get food in the comfort of their own homes, the focus in 2024 will be on cloud kitchens, which require more AI-based breakthroughs than just food delivery. A device called On2Cook, which uses combination cooking technology, can reduce cooking times by 50% and save up to 70% of energy. In addition to combining microwave and flame/induction cooking, the AI-integrated appliance can automate recipes to make the best use of chefs and other resources. The appliance, which is app-integrated, promotes last-mile connectivity and automates the food production and delivery chain using data analytics. This reduces food waste and allows for SOP-based cooking. It also makes it possible for a cloud kitchen to function in areas without gas supply.

Agri to Food tech: Industries set to ride on innovative technologies in 2024 Agri to Food tech: Industries set to ride on innovative technologies in 2024 Reviewed by Newzpot on April 02, 2024 Rating: 5
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