: fastest growing admission portal, to raise INR 75 million in first round of funding


Colleges18 Emerges as a Reliable education portal for students and a cost-effective partner for colleges & Universities. With 1800 admissions in 2023 and target of 2500 admissions in 2024 Colleges18 are in talks for fresh funding of 7.5 Crores.

With confusions prevailing over CUET, Finding a good college is becoming a difficult task for the students. At the same time Education portals are becoming increasingly costly for Universities and colleges. In very short duration, Colleges18 has established itself as a preferred portal for students seeking colleges admissions. Its postpaid Pay per admission model is gaining trust of colleges and universities.

Colleges18 appears as top search results of colleges or courses for a specific city. Student can connect with the Colleges18 counsellor on 24x7 helpline 783 1888 000 or on whatsapp. Counsellor do the detail comparison of colleges and suggest top3 colleges offering the best proposition in terms of fees, placement and academic blend. Colleges18 also has a youtube channel with 400+ videos of campus tours and interviews of students of particular college.

Kunal Paul, AVP Collaborations says “Presently we are catering to over 20000 calls per year in our centres. We are partner with more than 300 universities & colleges across India. Our postpaid pay per admission model gives us ample room to provide unbiased advice to the student however catering a decent admissions to our partner universities. Our main focus remains on reducing the cost of acquisition of admissions for Universities and Colleges with enhancing the quality of admissions.”

One of the client of Colleges18 is JB Knowledge Park, Colleges18 is the sole agency for all 1600 admissions per year. Mr Amit Gupta, CEO of JB Knowledge Park Faridabad says “Education has become a tough industry, with ample choices and the education portal have become too commercialized. It’s almost difficult of institutions to ignore them yet no guarantee on return on marketing investment. Eventually institute end up getting the admissions which were meant of our institutes only. Colleges18 on other hand has a very decent business model, which gives you a primary lead, counsel & converts the student. Role of our counsellor remains minimal and billing is post-paid. The quality and quantity of students we get at JB Knowledge Park Faridabad is exceptionally.”

Sometimes, students, enroll themselves in a particular college and a while later, realize that they did not make the right decision. While a particular college could work well for a student, the same college might prove to be the best choice for another student. The right college is the one that helps in propelling the growth of your professional career forward and adds value to your life. To ensure students have a fulfilling career ahead of them, Colleges18 Consultancy helps them choose the right college for them.

Talking about the objective of Colleges18 Consultancy, Principal anchor Ms Simran Anand says, “As an education-based consultancy firm, we guide students towards finding the right educational institution for themselves. All they need to do is visit our website, enter the requisite details and we present them with a list of colleges that would work well for them. Apart from helping them choose the right college, we also guide them through the admission process. No matter where you are based in the country or which course you are planning to take up, we can guide you towards finding the right educational institution and academic path.” Additionally colleges18 has more than 400 videos of colleges and campus tour on Youtube which gives a unique blend of pros and cons of the campus.

As a consultancy firm, Colleges18 Consultancy has been around for more than a decade. In these ten years, it has helped countless students find the right colleges and secure a seat for themselves in those institutions. Apart from offering a comprehensive search method for colleges, Colleges18 Consultancy also helps them in ensuring that they get all the requisite information on a college before they decide to enrol themselves in it.

Elaborating on the same, Lovish Verma, Team Leader of  Counselling, states, “These days, there are so many colleges to choose from that students get confused and often end up making a wrong decision. We have worked towards simplifying the process of finding the right college. Through our carefully curated data, we give students a lowdown into different colleges based on the course they want to take up and the city, state, or country they wish to study in. We try to make sure that they have all the information they need and the decision they make is well-informed and correct for them. Once a student chooses the right college for themselves, things move smoothly for them on the professional front.”

With recent inclusion of new student friendly portal colleges18 has collaborated with Amazon for technology and servers, And sources says is planning for initial funding round of 75 Million INR in 2025. The total admission target of 2024 remains at 2500 admissions across India.

For years, Colleges18 Consultancy has been helping students through their official website which almost works like a search engine for colleges. Now, the consultancy firm also has a dedicated YouTube channel ( through which it guides students. Colleges18 Consultancy ensures that all the data collected by it is authentic and the information provided by it is accurate. Apart from helping students, it has also emerged as a guiding light for parents who remain concerned about their children getting the right academic guidance.

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