Rudraksh Group Suggests Top Courses To Study In Australia For International Students

The island continent is gradually emerging as one of the most popular international destinations for Indian students to travel to, for their higher education courses. Australia presents itself as an attractive prospect due to aspects like English as the medium of communication, world-class educational institutes, decent standard of living, exposure to international cultures, unique geographical locations, etc. Rudraksh Immigration in Mohali mentions that the number of students opting for higher studies in Australia has seen an exponential rise in the past few years. That is why they have come up with this list of top courses to study in Australia.

Agricultural Sciences

In the field of agriculture, Australia has diverse study programs that are part of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). The main branches in agricultural sciences include forestry, farming, agronomist, etc to study the science behind crops to prevent crop failure due to harsh weather conditions. The research in this field is immense and the interested candidates could also think of going for doctorate programs.


Architecture continues to be a thriving field of study for students anywhere in the world. With the future demanding modern architectural solutions to achieve sustainable methods to develop infrastructure, modern architecture has wide scope in Australia as well. Both residential and commercial construction is a booming industry, especially in developing nations. Hence, having a degree in architecture from a reputed institute could open international doors for people who want to settle elsewhere.


Accountancy remains one of the top study programs even in Australia. With growing businesses all over the world, accountants will always be needed to navigate through the complex tax structures in most nations. Hence, having a formal degree in accountancy could prove to be highly lucrative if you plan to settle there long term. It helps to know the tax structure and manage finances in your personal life, as well as carve a successful career out of it.


Rudraksh Group in Mohali stresses on the relevance of core engineering courses that are evergreen even in Australia. With the world moving towards modernisation and digital transformation, the IT and Computer Science Engineering fields are bound to become more popular. Every aspect of our lives today is influenced by engineering in some form. The core engineering branches like Mechanical, Civil, Electronics will continue to be in great demand. However, there will be elements of IT and Computer Science in each of these. Modern solutions in every field require some form of electronics and computer technology which is why many modules in various programs have such subjects as common.


A great MBA is still the most reliable passport to travel in the world of International Business and Entrepreneurship. It is said that the modern global superpowers will have soft skills and technology as their core strengths as opposed to weapons and armies. Big businesses build big economies that control the world. An MBA from a reputed institute has the potential to provide you exposure to how international relations and businesses work. Therefore, investing in a great MBA program is bound to fetch you great results in the long run.

Tourism and Hospitality

Australia is one of the most unique nations in the world. The geographical conditions of the continent are such that almost the entire population lives on the coastline and the majority of the land in central Australia is inhabitable due to harsh weather conditions. This also provides unique landscape and touristic excursions which is why the tourism and hospitality industry is massive there.

If you are the one who loves to travel and explore new places, Australia must already be on your bucket list. It will help you immensely if you get a professional course in hospitality and tourism. A career in this field could be a combination between travelling and exploring along with a professional aspect.

As an organisation that has been in the overseas consultancy business for over 28 years now, Rudraksh Group Mohali has singled out these popular courses to pursue higher education in Australia. If you are interested in any of these or have any other queries related to studies in the island continent, make sure to book your appointment with Rudraksh Group Consultants. They will guide you according to your needs and situation.


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