What Will Most Likely Trigger World War III?

 Throughout their history, humans have fought with each other for various reasons. While earlier battles used to be largely regional conflicts, things changed in 20th century when much of the world was sucked into World War I and World War II. And as we continue to fight other battles in 21st century, it increases the possibility of another major war between nations. The world is going through a major transformation and chances of World War III cannot be entirely denied. Here we look at some factors that could be likely triggers for World War III.

China-Taiwan – China has always considered Taiwan as its own. However, Taiwan wants to maintain an independent identity even though it does not wish to engage with anyone militarily. But China has been acting very aggressively against Taiwan in recent years. Taiwanese airspace has been frequently violated by Chinese fighter jets. One of the reasons China is miffed is that Taiwan gets support and weapons from United States. If China invades Taiwan, it could trigger a large-scale war.

Russia-Ukraine – While diplomatic negotiations are underway, the Russia-Ukraine border is brimming with soldiers and weapons. The conflict is primarily due to Ukraine’s plan to become a member of NATO. This is being considered as a direct threat by Russia. To prevent Ukraine from joining NATO, Russia has threatened to invade the country. If that happens, it could possibly lead to World War III.

Iran-US conflict – Although the equations between Iran and US have improved as of 2022, Iraq continues to focus on its nuclear capabilities. If tensions increase in Middle East, it could destabilize the entire region. This will have a domino effect on other conflict zones in the world.

North Korea vs. rest – Although North Korea has toned down its aggressive behavior in recent times, the situation has not been fully resolved. The autocracy type of government in North Korea remains a concern. The country continues to test new missiles even today.

China-Pakistan-India conflict – Tension is simmering in the Himalayas, with China-Pakistan working together to target India on various fronts. There’s significant conflict due to disagreements over territory. If a full-scale war erupts in the Himalayas, it could be a trigger for World War III.

Apart from above, World War III could also result from other factors such as shortage of food, water and other critical resources. Such shortage can occur due to adverse climate change events. As countries try to secure resources for its citizens, it could lead to World War III.

We hope that none of this will actually happen and peace will prevail. Wars bring catastrophic damage and need to be avoided. Instead, nations need to work together to solve the innumerable problems we are facing.

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