Why World Is Running Out Of Great Leaders?

In global politics, we have been witnessing major rumblings in recent years. While earlier leaders used to command a dedicated audience for decades, current-gen leaders are quite like here today, gone tomorrow. Sometimes, it makes us wonder why good leaders are in short supply. What has changed that the era of legendary leaders seems to have faded. It is possible that there can be multiple reasons for that. To get an idea, here's a look at why world is running out of great leaders.

Diminishing meritocracy - In the political world, meritocracy has taken a severe beating. Things are being controlled by some specific groups or families, which may appoint a leader that suits their interests. Such individuals may not be able to establish a proper connect with people. It explains why leadership changes have become so frequent and abrupt in a democratic setup. Leaders of the past had worked at grassroots level and risen through the ranks with their hard work, dedication and true commitment to its people.

Lack of deep understanding of state of society - Today's generation of leaders are just being propped up by forces that may always remain hidden. Such leaders may not have deep understanding of their society, which is a prerequisite for bringing about revolutionary changes. Leaders of the past were serious readers and writers, which allowed them to gain a thorough understanding of the society. They could relate to the past to understand what is happening in the present and future possibilities. Every society is like a living entity and leaders need to know its behavior, wishes and preferences. Current-gen leaders don't seem to have that understanding.

Decline of academia - As compared to earlier times when academic institutions focused on propounding ideas on service, duty and nation building, the focus today has shifted to quantitative attributes. For example, academic institutions today seem to be in a rush to publish articles. Another aspect of academic decline is lack of debate on critical topics. Academia is currently divided between left and right ideologies, with neither side willing to listen to the other. When people graduate from these institutions and become leaders, their actions may create a bias in society. It eventually leads to unrest in society.

Information deluge - The amount of information available with people today is simply overwhelming. Moreover, there's plenty of fake and propagandized information easily accessible. All of these can mar the image of leaders in an instant. People believe what they see and hear, something that may negate the hard work that a leader may have put for several years. Information deluge has the capability to make or destroy leaders at will. This can be misused by external forces to target powerful leaders.

It is imperative that we take strong action as a society to stop the decline in leadership. It's because without great leaders, the society may itself fall into chaos, anarchy and economic backwardness. At an individual level, we can start by showing support to leaders who are truly working hard and committed to intellectual and economic development of its people.

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