Which Are Best Guns For Self Defense In India?

 Your choice for the best gun for self-defense will depend on factors such as your budget, the gun's accuracy, size, maintenance requirements, etc.

India is among the countries that have tough gun control laws. Getting a gun license for self-defense can be a challenging process. For individuals who have got their gun license, the next step is to find the right firearm for their needs. People can only choose from Non-Prohibited Bore (NPB) guns, as mandated by the Arms Act, 1959. If you have a gun license, here are some options you can consider.

0.22" Revolver NIDAR

Measuring just 140 mm in length and weighing 250 grams, the 0.22" Revolver NIDAR is easy to carry. It comes with a wooden grip, which helps reduce the shock while firing the gun. Barrel length is 40.3 mm and the gun can carry 8 rounds. However, with a range of just 7 meters, the gun may not be suitable for all situations. The NIDAR supports both single and double action. Starting price is Rs 49,500.

0.22" Revolver

This is an improved version of the NIDAR, with a longer barrel and higher range. The 0.22" Revolver is 187 mm long and 116 mm wide. It has a barrel length of 66 mm and weighs 380 grams. With a range of 20 meters, the 0.22" Revolver is suitable for a wide variety of defensive situations. The revolver supports both single and double action. Starting price is Rs 50,600.

12 Bore Pump Action Gun (Fixed Butt)

For a more powerful response, one can choose the 12 Bore Pump Action Gun. It is categorized as a single barrel breech loading weapon. A 12 bore (18.578 mm to 18.628 mm) weapon, the chamber size is 70 mm (2-3/4"). For civilian use, the barrel length allowed is 510 mm (20"). The gun can load ammunition of 12 Bore 2.5" or 12 Bore 2.75". Magazine capacity is 4 rounds. The gun weighs 3.05 kg. Starting price is Rs 86,350.

0.32" Pistol (Ashani MK-II)

With a range of 18.27 meters and capacity to load 8 rounds, the 0.32" Pistol (Ashani MK-II) can effectively meet your self-defense needs. The pistol weighs 680 grams and has a barrel length of 91.44 mm. Dimensions are 163 mm long, 111 mm tall and 38 mm wide. Its compact size makes it easy to carry and handle. Supported functions include semi-automatic (blow back) and quick release push button mechanism. Starting price is Rs 104,500.

Glock G44 pistol

Being lightweight and with low recoil functionality, the Glock G44 is most suitable for first time users. Glock G44 supports a wide variety of ammunition. The pistol is 174 mm long, has a 102 mm barrel and weighs 465 grams. It can load 10 rounds with the standard magazine. High accuracy is guaranteed with the GLOCK Marksman Barrel (GMB).

Even with a gun license, you have to follow various rules, as described under the Arms Rules, 2016. You are not allowed to brandish your gun in public or discharge firearms without any proper reasons. Even firing of black bullet rounds is prohibited in public places. If you violate any of the rules, your gun license could be cancelled and your firearm will be seized.

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